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Effective loss control and facility security, including the management of access for visitors and personnel is integral to ensuring business success and maintaining the integrity of a property within the commercial and industrial sectors. Backed by our honest, proactive Security personnel; Al Najma Al Fareeda Security Guarding sets the industry standards.

By providing a range of guarding and security solutions tailored to suit Client unique needs, we partner with our Clients to provide pro-active security support and a transparent, accurate monthly reporting service in which we are able to assist Client to manage risk efficiently.

 Al Najma Alfareeda Security Guarding Services determine how to minimize security threats and help the organization preserve the security of its environment. We secure Client premises by providing customized solutions for the following industries:

  • Identifying and protecting critical assets
  • Perimeter & Gate Security-Transportation of hazardous materials
  • Site Specific Emergency Response Plan
  • IV tier and III Tier Security
  • Incident Management
  • Perimeter & Gate Security
  • Parking Management
  • Emergency Response Team
  • l, II, III & IV Tier Security
  • Compliance with the requirements of Joint Commission International
  • Secure setting for health care employees.
  • Protect residents, patients, visitors and staff, as well as property.
  • Critical Areas Security
  • Infant or Paediatric abduction Emergency
  • Emergency care and VIP Security
  • In addition to the threat of terrorism, Our Hotel Specific Security Plan addresses criminal or vandalism acts, as well as incidents of public disturbance, violence, and the theft or loss of hotel and/or guest goods
  • l, III and IV Tier Security

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